almost 2 years ago

Team Registration is Open!

Hi all,

Team registration is now open at Please have only one team member complete the form for your entire team. If you're struggling to find a team, still fill out the form, and we'll match you up!


If you have any questions about HackExeter, please post them on our Discord.

almost 2 years ago

Join the Opening Ceremony!

Hey everyone,

Opening ceremony NOW at

We're super excited!

almost 2 years ago

HackExeter Has Officially Started!

Hello everyone,

HackExeter 2022 has officially started! Begin finding your teams and join our Discord:!

The opening ceremony will be at 11 AM. Also, join the HackExeter Zoom Help Session at:

almost 2 years ago

Updated prizes

Hi everyone!

We've just updated the prize pool. There are 4 Arduino starter kits, 4 Razer headsets, and 4 Amazon kindles (4 of each so that everyone on a team of 4 will be able to get a prize). The 1st place winners will pick first, then 2nd place, then 3rd place.  

The HackExeter organizers


If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.